Brokenheart is part testimony, part self-help, and part Bible study. It is the story behind the 15 songs on the Jules Riding album Cataclysm and how one man made it through burnout, overcame depression without the use of pills, and came to terms with a dysfunctional background marked with alienation and abuse. This book will speak to those who have experienced pain, grief or despair of any kind (most of us), and in particular those who have grappled with dysfunction in their past or struggled with depression, anger and grief. The author does not have all the answers but he shares his struggles in an open, honest and disarmingly transparent way.

Jules Riding has been a fulltime Christian singer for many years, has released a dozen albums, and travelled through 30 countries with an itinerant music ministry. However, he quit ministry with burnout in 2005 and entered counselling for unresolved issues in his life in 2006. Eventually, in 2010 he returned to his singing ministry with the songs he had written while ‘in the wilderness’.

‘Brokenheart is the most refreshingly honest and practical Christian book I have ever read. I believe it will reach out to many with its frankness and transparency.’  Steve Parr, Napier, NZ

Finding God In The Wilderness is a spoken testimony CD of how Jules survived the personal cataclysm of severe burnout in 2005. It is a companion to the Brokenheart Book and the Cataclysm CD/DVD, and is the story behind the songs he wrote during 4 years of counselling for personal issues relating to his dysfunctional and abusive teenage years. This testimony has touched and blessed many people at the concerts he has performed in NZ and Australia, and in Europe on recent tours in 2013 and 2016. The story is interspersed with 6 acoustic songs.


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‘Thanks for baring your soul and I hope that anyone who would benefit from your book will find it!’ Mike Kinnaird, UK

‘I started reading your book today and found it compelling. Your brutal strength and honesty will bless so many’. Jenny, Fairlie NZ

‘Brokenheart is the most refreshingly honest and practical Christian book I have ever read. I believe it will reach out to many with its frankness & transparency’. Steve Parr, Napier NZ

‘I have a very high regard for the sincerity, readability, and potential translatable value of your work for the French ear’. Caro, St Malo, France

‘This book will encourage those who have struggled with depression and the fears that can cripple and distract from engaging in a purposeful life’. Keith Newman, Napier NZ