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Jules Riding is a fulltime Christian singer from Auckland, New Zealand. He has released ten albums and twice won ‘Gospel Album of the Year’ at the NZ Music Awards. He has three Gold albums.

He became a Christian in 1975 after an ‘extensive search for truth’ through alternative religions and after a personal crisis brought him to his knees.

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He founded and directed the Elkanah School of Music Ministry which ran for eight years on Great Barrier Island, but now concentrates his energies on concert ministry around NZ and internationally.

His latest album ‘Cataclysm’ is a close examination of the way we handle personal struggles in a pluralistic society. He also believes the growing number of global cataclysms indicates we live in a time of human history the Bible calls ‘the last days’.

He lists his musical influences as the folk greats from the 60’s: Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell, the Christian singers Keith Green, John Michael Talbot, Michael W Smith and the Australian group Sons of Korah.

His music can be previewed on

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Concert Promotion Ideas

  • Word of Mouth is still the best way, its what Jesus used..
  • Church Bulletin every Sunday until the event.. (ad or A6 flier)
  • Church Website events page if you have one..
  • Church eMail list (if you have one) let people know..
  • A3 Color Posters (supplied) at church and prominent places in the community..
  • Press Release.. download for the local newspaper..
  • Advertise in Local Newspaper if you can afford to..
  • Local Radio Interview on the day, if you can set it up..
  • Letterbox Drop an A5 or A6 flyer, download from this page
  • Phone Call Invitation to all the local Churches and Fellowships..
  • Enthusiasm when inviting people at Notice Time in Sunday Services..
    even show a short YouTube clip from at Notice Time
  • Prayer.. please let your Prayer Chain know about this event asap..
  • Promotional CDs.. each venue may receive a copy of the new Cataclysm  cd/dvd
    to pass around the fellowship prior to the event, to get the music more widely known..
    Alternatively, you can promote
  • This Concert is a great outreach opportunity and not to be missed.
    Statistics show that non-Christians will only come to this concert if
    Christians personally invite and escort them.