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Holy God

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European Tour

April – July 2017

Confirmed Itinerary

8th-9th April    Broadmead Baptist Church
15th April        London Outreach Concert (venue tbc)
22nd April       Evening Concert  (venue tbc)
23rd April        The Stable Barnet, 10.30am
23rd April        The Stable Barnet – Worship Seminar
27th April        Cheminitz House Concert
28th April        Leukersdorf House Concert
29th April        Leukersdorf Evening Concert (venue tbc)
30th April        Leukersdorf Morning Church Service
6th May          Evening Concert, Uppsala, Lotenkyrkan 7pm
7th May          Church Service, Uppsala Lotenkyrkan, 10am
13th May          Sandnes Baptistmenighet, Evening Event
14th May        Sandnes Baptistmenighet, Morning Service
19th May        Trondheim, Var Frue Church, 6pm
20th May        Trondheim International Church
21st May         Tronheim International Church
27th May         Small Heaven Ministry, Helsinki
29th-31st         St Petersburg
1st-3rd June    Valmieras Pentecostal Church
3rd June          Rigas Veca Svetas Gertrudes Evangeliski luteriska baznica
7th June          Liepaja church plant tbc
10th June        Ventspils Baptist Church Evening Concert
11th June        Ventspils Baptist Church Morning Service
18th June        Viborg International Pinsekirke
25th June        Copenhagen Christian Community
July 2nd           Dreisam3 Church, Freiburg

Other events and dates will be added to this list as they confirm.
For more information please email the tour manager:


‘Our whole household has been impacted by hearing Jules’s story and music. We are regular listeners, now and God really seems to speak to us through it. There is just so much I can identify with in the lyrics. We are all musical, me, my husband, and my best friend who shares our house. My husband can be ultra picky sometimes, but he loves the music! His favourite song is Holy God. Actually he asks me to play it daily. He suffers with a slight mental illness, and sometimes all he can do is just worship through music! For me personally being blind, sometimes the only thing that reaches me is music, and God knew that when he designed for us to see Jules in concert! Have posted feedback on YouTube, but was browsing my favourite websites and thought I should leave feedback for anyone that comes to the site to check things out. If you don’t have copies of the CDs you should go and get them. Not only has Jules’ story inspired us to continue seeking a closer relationship with God, but has inspired me to start writing and blogging again, with the prayer that God can use my scribblings to bless someone!  Thank you Jules for sharing your story which wouldn’t be easy, and your music. Praying that the Lord will continue to anoint and mightily bless your ministry!’
                                                                       – Maria, Joe & Karly, Glen Innes NSW, Australia