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‘The Father Seeks Worshipers’

Released in English, Estonian and Polish

‘The Father Seeks Worshipers’ (in Estonian: ‘Isa Otsib Kummardajaid’ and Polish: ‘Ojciec Szuka Wyznawców’) is the latest book release from Jules Riding. It is formatted as a 40-day Bible Study (similar to ‘The Purpose Drive Life’) for individuals, groups and congregations to gain a deeper understanding of the vital topic of praise and worship. It covers topics such as the Hebrew words for Praise & Worship, Thanksgiving, The Sacrifice of Praise, The Tabernacle, The Holy Spirit, The Mouth, High Praise, God’s Word, Spiritual Warfare, Hindrances to P&W, Spiritual Disciplines, The Father Heart of God, Biblical Worldview, The Psalms, Body Movement, The Heart of a Worshiper, Lifestyle, Prophecy, Song of the Lord, Formality, The Name of Jesus, The Blood of Jesus, Children in Worship, Listening to God, Silence, Communion, The Effect of Technology on the Worshiper, Cross Cultural Worship, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, The Fruit of the Holy Spirit, Denominations, Cultural Relevance of the Church, Worship and Evangelism, Worship in History, Worship in Revelation, Liturgy and Worship Styles.